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KC&C Studios

Powering the content that built our brands


Creative Team


The KC&C producers, content developers, and talent are not just the top in creative and  digital, but are some of the most experienced in this medium. From designers to writers, developer to editors, to producers and talent - KC&C Studios was built from the ground up to be flexible and scalable, allowing us to continuously experiment with new IP and Programs, and be immediately responsive to what is or isn’t working for our fans.




Advertisers & Brands

We matter to you because we matter to them


Work with the same innovative minds and talent behind our own animation, programming and apps to develop truly amazing custom programming and platforms that our fans love and trust, and achieves the massive reach and results our partners want. Our brand creative teams are experts at staying true to both their own voice as well as our partners’ to create a completely authentic viewing experience for fans.






Access to a fanbase that builds its life around
our brands


Access the legions of fans who loyally follow and watch our brands, which means our partners are able to leverage a fanbase that will follow our brands to any platform.

Adaptability is built into our DNA, and our creative process calibrates for authentic and resonant content that audiences love and partners can rely on. As pioneers in digital distribution, we have refined our ability to develop content specifically for any platform experience. We matter to you because we matter to them.



The creators program


When you join Kids Clever & Co's creators program, you will collaborate with a team dedicated to growing not just your specific channel, but your business across every platform that matters to today’s consumer. This personal level of service means working with our experts in content and channel optimization, merchandising, sponsorship, content distribution, and monetization—taking your channel further than you ever thought it could


We champion creative content

Equipped with top-notch production services, established relationships with young audiences, and the world’s top brand advertisers and content syndicators, we have all of the necessary tools and insights to expand your footprint and allow you to keep doing what you love to do.


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